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    Visits will begin in the Golden Cellar and the Bonsai vineyard, densest vineyard in the world,
    then end in our panoramic terrace where you will enjoy a tasting of our wines in all tranquillity.
    Visits are always private and upon request. 

    A tasting of 3 wines, including a Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG, best expression of the values of this land. During the tasting we also serve water and local breadsticks.

    Price: € 20,00
    Duration: 1h - 1h and a half
    Booking: Upon request (mon- sun: 9:00/18:00)

    In view of a purchase of minimum € 100,00, the cost of the Wine Tour and Tasting will be deducted.


    The best way to immerse yourself in the complexity of the soil and in the productive process in observance of nature. At the conclusion a tasting of 5 wines, including 3 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG in different vintages, best expression of the values of this land.

    Price: € 40,00 per person 
    Duration: 1h - 1h and a half 
    Booking: Upon request (mon- sun: 9:00/18:00)

    Visit the innovative vineyard with a Bonsai vine training system, the densest in the world, brilliant intuition of Francesco Illy. Taste a selection of 6 wines, including the precious Toscana Rosso IGT Bonsai. Only 600 bottles per year, the finest expression of the Sangiovese in our Estate.

    Price: € 70,00 per person 
    Duration: 2h - 2h and a half 
    Booking: Required Upon request (mon- sun: 9:00/18:00)

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